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Re: [OM] Systems Rationalization

Subject: Re: [OM] Systems Rationalization
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 15:29:23 -0800
> Care to expound on that?  The bigger brothers on Panny are definitely 
> meatier.  Sensor performance of S1 and A7III seem pretty close.  Many more 
> lens choices for Sonnie. It will take the "L mount alliance"  (said in 
> booming baritone) quite awhile to catch up.

I think an argument can be made that there probably aren't any really
glaring omissions at this time. But we do lack multiple-choice
options, that's true. I would say that the Sony has better 3rd party
support, not just for lenses, but for flash and remote control
accessories. This could be the deal-breaker for many people.

The camera(s) that are actually the best all-around at this point
would be the Canon R5/R6. Honestly, there is not much to dislike with
those cameras except for price and, of course, the image color
science. (personal preference issues there). But in a clean-slate
situation with money being no object, I'd lean towards the R6. But
Sony offers the absolute best FF camera values on the market. But
there really is the sense of Chrysler vs. Toyota. You can't just do a
feature count, you have to look at how the thing is engineered and
built. In that regard, the Sony is definitely Chryslerish.

I really like the Sony, but it's not either Olympus nor Panasonic in
regards to the intangibles.

AG Schnozz
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