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Subject: [OM] e: OT: Dialup Internet
From: Mike Lazzari <watershed1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 16:20:03 -0800
Before I indulge in this I need to see what data plans are available from
TracFone.  I know that I can get 1G for $10, but there must be others
available.  I should probably watch what my data usage is before purchasing a
plan, and it's got to be less than $90/month.

      This is wonderful!

      Life is good!
Chris, I've used Tracfone for a while. 1G/$10 is it. The service is good as long as you don't have to contact customer support. It is the absolute worst that I've ever encountered by far. Last year they deactivated my wife's phone for no reason without letting us know until I paid for another year. (I don't understand why the phone had been working for the rest of the year) Anyway, I found out the phone was deactivated after paying for another year. Two sim cards later and hours on the phone with support I finally found someone to fix the problem. In the meantime all of her rollover minutes and data had disappeared into the ozone. Support denied any knowledge of it even though I offered proof. I gave up because she rarely uses the phone and doesn't need the data.

Now we get to last week when I went to town and couldn't connect to email. Turns out all my data had vanished WTF! 2.5gb gone over night. I hadn't used a gig in more than a year. Not much of a data user.  After a hour going though various levels of support I got cut off. I filed a report with the Atty Gen office.

Like I said the service was fine until you needed support. So now I looking for another no contract cheap service. Anyone have experience with Red Pocket Mobile or Liberty Wireless?



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