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Re: [OM] Scanner profiling with Vuescan and IT8 printed target

Subject: Re: [OM] Scanner profiling with Vuescan and IT8 printed target
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 11:25:55 -0800
On 2/10/2020 10:22 AM, Piers Hemy wrote:
I can't help on the specifics, Jez (I might if I could find my own IT-8
slide from Wolf Faust!) but I have to question the proposition that a
profile from the reflective scanner will be usable with the transmissive
scanner - different light sources, no?

Indeed so.

With a contemporary film, it's straightforward. Shoot the printed target in midday light, and calibrate from the processed film. Yes, its a combination profile of film and scanner, but that doesn't matter, as long as you use the same scanner.

I did that for the color neg films I was shooting before digital, and the results were dramatic, saving lots of post processing effort, with better results <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/tech/Scan/VuesProf/>.

One may, of course, do the same thing with contemporary slide films. The "Problem" for some is that this way, the differences between films are "corrected", so your Velveeta would look like your Kodachrome.

To profile the scanner itself, so that differences in films are retained in the scans, is a trickier business. You need a piece of film with an IT8 profile on it, and the associated data file detailing the differences between the film and ideal. With a scanner profile made from that, your Velveeta will scan as some weird, cheesy, violet tinted thing, like the originals.

Both Wolf Faust and SilverFast used to sell IT8 slides on Kodachrome. I know the SilverFast ones are long ago sold out. I don't know what Wolf is doing about that these days. Like Piers, I have one of his KRs somewhere around here. KR was the best film for that, with it's high color stability.

OTOH, do you actually know that the default scanner profile that comes with 
VueScan is bad? Or only that it might be?

My desire was the opposite. I wished to scan my KR, EK, Agfa and Fuji slides from the past so that they all had the same, relatively "correct", colors. Can't be done.

(BTW, apropos WB, I saw a bit of “Expedition With Steve Backshall”, about underwater caves in Yucatan,  a couple of days ago. I noticed the same WhiBal card that I use dangling from the fancy, complex, underwater camera gear.)

Whitey B. Moose

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