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Re: [OM] Dash Cam Apps

Subject: Re: [OM] Dash Cam Apps
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 13:19:31 +0100
I’m very glad that you’re OK, Chris.  What about a helmet cam?

It’s a known phenomenon, Chris: your high acuity vision works only with a 
stable image and since it is only 2 degrees wide (approx) you have to move it 
to the right place and dwell there to see a small object like an approaching 

If you merely sweep your eyes around the scene your vision will perform 
"saccadic jumps” and you’re likely to miss small objects unless there is 
relative movement.  And if you’re on a collision course, you’ll remember from 
your flying days, there is no relative movement.

Our vision is deeply flawed and we need to use it with great care and 
deliberation, flying or driving . . .


> On 21 Jun 2019, at 20:26, <christrask@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> <christrask@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     Yesterday morning I had my first collision with a car, after more than 61 
> years of cycling, when an SUV pulled out of an office parking area without 
> stopping or looking.  Fortunately, neither the bike nor I was damaged.  I got 
> the usual "I didn't see you" excuse along with some unbelievable verbage 
> about not being able to make a turn without stopping.  Yeah.
>     I've been urged to get a video camera of some sort that will mount on the 
> bike, but those are horribly expensive and the batteries last for two hours 
> or less.  But, both of my smart phones have cameras and it's time that they 
> earned their keep.
>     I have a nice "DSLR Camera Pro" app on the better phone, plus the native 
> camera app.  The latter of these lets you set the image rate and quality, but 
> neither of them provide for loop recording.  That functions seems to only be 
> available with DashCam apps.
>     So, does anyone here use such an app?  I would like to avoid wading 
> through all of the ones available such as I did with the camera apps.   

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