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Re: [OM] Ramblings on my Panasonic GF1

Subject: Re: [OM] Ramblings on my Panasonic GF1
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2019 11:31:02 -0700
On 5/26/2019 10:39 PM, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
Many of the cycling photos I have posted in the past few months are made with 
my10 years old Panasonic GF1 and a newly purchased 12-32mm lens which collapses 
into an extremely compact package.

I love the handling of the GF1. It was a camera that really delivered on the 
promise of micro 4/3: small cameras with good image quality. It is also very 
solidly built and is made in Japan rather than China, always a plus.

But there is no denying that the sensor from 2009 is looking a bit long in the 
tooth compared to the newer MFT camera. So from time to time I look at the 
specs of various newer Panasonic and Olympus models,

Take a look at the GX850. It's, in effect, the latest GFx, sold as the GF9 in Japan, and perhaps other places, and GX800 yet other places.

but I continue to be frustrated by the evolution—rocker switches instead of 
menu dials,

Not quite that. The four way switches are replaced by a ring that acts as both switch and dial. For example push the top for EV Comp., then rotate the dial to set the amount. Better than the separate wheel in a way, as one need not move one's finger to change the setting after selecting what to set.

touch screen (great for inadvertently changing settings),

The touch screen, as in all Pannys I know of, may be turned off, as I do with 
my GX9 bodies.

various other useless features that only seem to drain the battery.

Just grumping? Or specific features in mind? I don't think it's an issue.

Moose recommended the Panasonic GM5 a while ago—it does have a newer sensor, 
and it seems that it has a user interface not too far removed from the GF1. But it is 
discontinued and seems difficult to find (I do not shop on eBay).

Nose - Face

  Are there are any current models that would satisfy my somewhat old-fashioned 
user interface preferences?

The GX50/GX800/GF9 is smaller, lighter, and has Panny's latest 16 MP sensor. Having used that sensor in it's larger sibling, the GX85, I'd say you would be satisfied.

I still prefer the GM5, for the EVF, but if you refuse to buy used, that's not an option. Wait - Wow, I can only find one used, slightly beat up, and for USD 450. Must be a lot of people out there like MikeG, who just paid for a new sensor in his, and me, who bought a second one when they were discontinued, who are holding on to theirs. (I just fondled my red one.) It's a unique camera for just such uses as you have; a shame a replacement hasn't surfaced.

Oh, and do not recommend stuff that costs in the 4 digits.

USD 550, new, here.

Informational Moose

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