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Subject: [OM] OT - large format musings
From: Paul Braun <pbraun42@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 14:25:01 -0500
Lately I've been reviewing my collection of "stuff", taking stock of my
true interests, the approximate number of hours I have in a week, and the
approximate number of years I have left to play, and simplifying my life.
I'm focusing my hobby time/expenses on ham radio, photography, and the
audio production/transfer thing.

At one point years ago I got all excited about getting back into building
plastic models, mainly sci-fi and sports cars. I collected a reasonably big
group of kits...and then other things got in the way, they stayed on the
shelf, and never got built. And now I don't have the time or inclination to
put in what it takes to get to the level I would need to be at to make
models I'd be proud of. So, I've begun to sell them off.

In my last two years of college, and for several years after, I enjoyed
sport shooting at a local range with friends. I own three firearms pursuant
to that. But I haven't gone shooting in at least ten years, and my friends
I used to shoot with now live far away. So, I've begun to sell them off.

Which has caused me to take a long look at my 4x5 (5x7 with a reducing
back) Deardorff, and wonder if I'm actually going to use it. Do I really
have time to load film holders, head out with a case full of
camera/holders/darkcloth/tripod/lenses and set up and shoot? And then send
the film off to AG to be developed/scanned? I mean, if there was any hope
that there would be a decent digital back in the near future that didn't
cost as much as my house, I would give it some more serious thought. But as
much as I love having it (and it's practically new - it's one of the
absolute last cameras to come out of Deardorff's Chicago plant. It was my
pay for using my pickup truck to move the inventory and parts from Chicago
to Aurora when the plant shut down, and then again when it was supposed to
move to Valparaiso and start up as a new firm with me as one of the
partners - long, ugly story.)

So, I guess that I will be pondering selling it and all of the accessories,
including several different backs. I still haven't made that leap yet, but
I'm starting to think about a few radio accessories I would like. And
thinking about the cost of finishing the basement where my
studio/office/hamshack lives. Or the new appliances/flooring we need for
the house. Or a few nice trips Sheri and I would like to take.

I don't know. Just thought I'd wonder aloud here among fellow "stuff"


Paul Braun WD9GCO
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