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Re: [OM] computer to television via HDMI cable

Subject: Re: [OM] computer to television via HDMI cable
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2017 13:42:30 -0700
On 4/1/2017 9:47 AM, John Hudson wrote:
I normally resize my images to 1,000 x 666 pixels at 100ppi resolution.

You have not provided adequate information to simply answer your question.

If I connect my computer to a large television

First lack of information.

Older "HD" TVs were 720p resolution, which, illogically, means 1280x720 pixels
Most still operative HD, FHD, Full HD, etc. TVs and many still for sale are 
1080p, 1920x1080.
The newest 'hottest' (at least marketers hope so) TVs, called '4K', are actually 3840x2160, which is technically not quite 4K.

Possible mis-assumption. Size of the screen has nothing to do with resolution. A 1920x1080 image will exactly fill the screen of a 1080p TV, be it 100" or 10" diagonal in size.

using an HDMI cable will the image fill the entire tv screen [assuming the same aspect ratio]

In default mode, the TV will show the image pixel for pixel the same as it comes in. On a 1080p TV, your 1000 pixel wide images will fill roughly half the screen width.

without loss of resolution or clarity

This is a trick question. Yes, without any loss of resolution. But no, if it's a really large screen, and/or you sit close to it. By effectively enlarging what you see, the shortcomings of a lower resolution image that weren't apparent on a smaller computer screen will become less felicitous.

, or will the tv screen image appear the same size as it would have done on my computer 
monitor [ie: 10" x 6.66"] ,

Asked and answered above. On our 53" wide, 1080p screen, a 100 pixel wide image will 
display at ~27" width.

or will the 10" x 6.66" image be pulled out in both direction with a consequent 
great loss of resolution and clarity?

Most TV now have various alternate display formats available. Some would indeed stretch, although likely no equally in both directions, as they are designed to adapt various standard in put formats.

However, even in default mode, you may well find that it seems that you have lost resolution and clarity, as above. This is the same problem that DoF tables have had to deal with for many decades. Also the reason those giant billboards with iPhone 7 images on them look great; the billboard is visually no larger than the phone itself, looked at aver so much closer.

Final mis-assumption: ppi has to do with printing. It is absolutely, completely meaningless in this context of visual display. Save it at 1000 ppi, save it at 10 ppi, it will display the same on your computer screen and on TVs. It's only the absolute pixel dimensions that matter.

T. M. I. Moose

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