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Re: [OM] E-M5 sensor cleaning?

Subject: Re: [OM] E-M5 sensor cleaning?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 10:30:11 -0700
On 5/31/2016 7:56 AM, Paul Braun wrote:
Nope. I know that's bad. Just waiting until I have the requisite $80 for a pack 
of swabs and a bottle of juice.

1. Chuck did research and practical testing around this method, and posted instructions for a MUCH cheaper, and equally safe and effective procedure. I'm surprised he hasn't reposted it already.

2. You are dealing with something a bit different, one bit of stuff sticking to a generally very effective dust removal system.

I'm pretty sure I've dealt with such a thing on my E-M5 at least once. I can't exactly remember the details, but here's what I'd try, before doing a complete wash down of the whole surface. As suggested, it's nature may be a thin film or something else more easily damaged than sensors without the same system.

1. You are an audio nut, with fancy turntable, etc., no? Might you have an ionic static dis-charger for vinyl? Mine looks like this. I've tested it with something very staticy, and it actually works very well to remove the static charge. If so, liberally shoot it into the camera with sensor exposed. It may be useful to do so with the camera pointing down. If you happen to have one of the old radioactive ones, looked like a teardrop, Grab it with something so you can hold it close and aimed at the offending thingie.

2. If the bit of stuff hasn't let go and floated away, encourage it with some moving air. Common instruction is to use only rubber bulb blowers. I say that's to avoid advising incompetents. If the ear syringe of Rocket Blaster doesn't knock it loose, reionize, then . . . A can of Dust-Off that is partially empty used properly is quite safe. (Yes, I put aside partially used ones and start new ones.) The danger is if the can is tilted while pretty full, so that liquid is expelled. So don't do that, hold a fairly used can perfectly vertically, and blast away.

3. If it's still on there, try gentle mechanical means on just the problem bit. If you have something lint free, a KimWipe, cut off corner of a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, the model of Swiffer Chuck has recommended, etc., attach to the end of a tiny dowel, Q-tip shaft with the cotton removed, or similar, and see if a gentle touch, possibly not even touching the dust shaker surface, if your touch is that good, will dislodge it. The corner of a LensPen SensorKlear sensor cleaner is also a safe bet.

The first effort is to just work on dislodging the one thing, not complete cleaning of the whole surface. If I had to go beyond that, I'd first try the LensPen SensorKlear. I have one, and have used it successfully on Canon sensors. A number of reviews on Amazon say that it worked better than the liquid systems. (Did I use a corner to dislodge a bit of fluff on the E-M5? I'm just not sure.)

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