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Re: [OM] A Few Hairstreaks

Subject: Re: [OM] A Few Hairstreaks
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 16:28:11 -0700
On 6/28/2015 7:22 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
Still struggling to dig out from being away for two weeks but managed to get a 
couple hours to chase Hairstreaks with our NABA chapter. Thought  perhaps, some 
some may enjoy these.

We saw 5 species.  My favorite is the Coral, but not sure I have a shot that is 
adequate.  Also have a shot of an Edwards on New Jersey Tea that might process 
up OK, but haven't had time yet. The Acadians are an attractive grey.

Perhaps a tad too much flash in the last shot but the T32 on auto for macro and 
variable backgrounds is tricky.  The Acadians seem to be quieter than the 
others but didn't get another good shot off after adjustment.  There was a grad 
student from Conn there with a special interest in Hairstreaks, so finding and 
ID'ing them was easier.  Some variants of the Edwards and Banded look almost 

Happy to see you back and up to your old tricks. :-) These are all nice at web size. At 100%, it's clear that DoF is razor thin. Between that and slight forward or back focus, there's a lot of detail being lost.

Have you tried smaller apertures? Diffraction on FF shouldn't be a problem to f16. Even f32 might give a clearer result on the details than these show in the slightly OoF areas.

I have no idea, as you would expect, on how any of that would play into your 
flash set-up.

Hairy Streak Moose

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