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Subject: Re: [OM] Attn: Moose
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 10:00:28 -0400
Thanks.  Traveling now but I'll save this for study when I get home (and 
also after seeing Don Holbrook's E-M1).

Chuck Norcutt

On 3/30/2014 5:50 AM, Moose wrote:
> On 3/29/2014 6:11 PM, Chuck Norcutt wrote:
>> Interesting post.  Which ones do you use yourself and why?
> It's a story of mixed obsessions. I acquired the E-PL1 in a kit with the 
> 14-150 lens, to get both that lens and a very
> cheap back-up for the E-M5. Other than a couple of trips to public gardens to 
> learn the camera, back-up is what I used
> it for, at a botanic garden in Maine while Bob tried out the E-M5 and for 
> stills while the E-M5 was doing video of
> friends' band. 341 shots.
> I'm not sure just why I then bought an E-PL2. It's a lot prettier, has a 
> better button layout and slightly larger screen
> with more pixels. I guess I liked it better, 695 shots.
> I was starting to see the Pens as more than back-up cameras, as smaller, 
> lighter cameras for more casual use. I've
> always been working the edge between size/weight/focal range and IQ, using 
> compact cameras for carry everywhere use.
> With the E-PL3 and E-PM1, the flash went away and they became noticeably 
> smaller and lighter. But there were trade-offs,
> the PM1 smaller, but with limited controls, the PL3 with more controls and 
> tilt screen. I loved the best features of
> both. The PM1 was really a great size, but one function key short of what I 
> wanted, MF on one and focus magnification on
> another. OTOH, the mode dial of the PL3 is too easily moved in handling in 
> and out of pockets and bags. In the end, the
> PL3 was the winner, 351 shots to 93.
> Then came the E-PM2 - E-M5 sensor system in the smallest body, with another 
> function button. I guess you could say I
> finally found the right combo. There are 4,414 shots on its clock at the 
> moment.
> The E-PM2 opened me up to the use of two cameras at once, when really out 
> shooting, PM2 and 12-50, M5 and 76-300, which
> I have done extensively. Needing so few lens changes to cover almost 
> everything is wonderful in the field.
> You could say it was a journey in search of a camera that didn't exist at the 
> start, but did eventually.
> Now things are in flux again, with Pannys in the house. They have those 
> electronic shutters and the GM1 with 12-32 makes
> the E-PM2 with Panny 14-42 X lens seem huge. I don't know how things will 
> settle out in the upcoming travel and shooting
> season.
> I do know the G11 and S100 have been mostly idled, first by E-PM2 and now GM1.
> It's The Journey, Not Moose
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