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Re: [OM] In case you hadn't heard....

Subject: Re: [OM] In case you hadn't heard....
From: Bob Whitmire <bwhitmire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 13:31:33 -0400
When I hear folks lamenting the loss of the good old days when the sun was 
brighter, the wind fresher and the water purer, I inquire as to whether those 
might be the days when water fountains and restrooms in my home town were 
marked White and Colored, crosses were routinely burned in pastures outside of 
town, and it wasn’t anyone’s business if a man occasionally smacked the shit ut 
of his wife or kids. No? Earlier then? When black folk hung from trees and the 
real Boss Hoggs ran things and looking at a cop the wrong way meant a serious 
beating if you were white and maybe a funeral if you werent? Earlier? Maybe 
back when some folks actually owned other folks, women were chattel, and 
neighbors ambushed neighbors in opposition or support of Mr. Lincoln’s war?

No? Earlier? 

Enough. There are no good old days.

--Bob Whitmire
Certified Neanderthal

On Mar 20, 2014, at 1:08 PM, Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Today's textbooks are very
> polarized in their presentation--either anti-Christian or
> pro-Christian and tend to leave out whole sections of history that
> contradict their point of view. This one is pretty much "this is the
> way things was--like it or not."

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