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[OM] E - 3 and tripods

Subject: [OM] E - 3 and tripods
From: Jan Steinman <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 16:29:36 -0800
> From: John Hudson <OM4T@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Page 58 of the E-3 manual states as follows:
> "When shooting without looking through the viewfinder, close the  
> eyepiece
> shutter to block the viewfinder so that light does not enter the  
> viewfinder
> and change the exposure. Lift the eyepiece shutter lever."
> Question: has anyone done any research here to ascertain the extent  
> of the
> light leak and the impact upon what would otherwise have been a  
> correctly
> exposed image?

I have direct, unhappy experience with this on the E-20.

I set up its intervalometer to snap the construction of a building  
every minute. I took the camera in at night, and set it up again the  
next day.

On days that I forgot to close the eyepiece shutter, the shots are  
quite clearly inferior -- hazy looking with reduced contrast. How that  
applies to the E-3 would be up to someone else to determine. See if  
you can spot the days I forgot:

The camera was pointed north, so sunlight would be directly striking  
the eyepiece at times. It's probably less an issue in other cases.

But while we're on the E-20 vs E-3, WHY is something as simple as  
timed interval shooting so rare in today's digicams? WHY did Olympus  
put this immensely useful, yet infinitesimally low cost item on the  
E-20, but on no (to my knowledge) camera since?

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