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[OM] Re: Updated homepage photo

Subject: [OM] Re: Updated homepage photo
From: Earl Dunbar <edunbar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 06:49:11 -0400
It reminds me of some Japanese scene/art.  Sometimes colour that "pops" 
is necessary to carry an image, but in this case, this just says 
"Spring" to me.  A little intensification in this one might work, but I 
personally wouldn't go too far.  The colours of Spring are pretty 
specific, in my eye/mind ... gentle, soft, pastel, pastoral are 
adjectives that come to mind.  The grey of the barnboard in the 
background helps to gently highlight the pale green.

The colour in this one reminds me of a photo of  Central  Park in the 
Fall that I saw years ago in a book on photographic methods & 
techniques.  For the life of me, I can't remember the book or the 
photographer.  It may have been in the Time Life series; I do remember 
the photographer was a woman, and it was illustrating an article on the 
C print.  She took the shot from her apartment balcony, and it was 
raining.  So the light was soft, and the resulting image was further 
softened by the rain dispersing the light.  So it was a "fall colour" 
image, but there was a subtlety to it that was entrancing to me, though 
I would have loved to see an original print as all I was seeing was a 

Ken, I'm sure you've been around Superior in early Fall, when the leaves 
have just started to turn.  A fellow OM photographer friend of mine (not 
on this list) also likes pictures at this time better than the 
Wall-o-Colour shots that satisfies the "old farts" (his phrase, I love 
it!) in the local camera club who try to overwhelm the viewer.

In religious terms, I want Zen meditation, not Pentacostal revival 
meeting... mostly.  :-D


AG Schnozz wrote:

>>LOL... It's the delicacy of the green that attracts me to the
>>colour image. <smile>
>See, now that's exactly what I'm looking for. What is it that
>specifically speaks to you, the viewer?  I look at the color of
>the green and although I find it interesting, it isn't enough to
>carry the photo.  Hmm... Hang on...
>Ok. It's got possibilities.

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