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[OM] Re: Northamptonshire Churches M-Z update

Subject: [OM] Re: Northamptonshire Churches M-Z update
From: "GeeBee" <geebee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 20:06:48 +0100
Hi Charlie,

I thought that too when I read it. Perhaps borderline starvation was normal
in 1806 and two days was the final straw, maybe poor health and the cold
accelerated things. I think conjecture is part of the fascination of these
glimpses into the past. The full inscription for anyone unable to make it
out is:

I cast my eyes on every side
finding my helpers gone
friends and neighbours pass me by
neglected and alone

I found it very moving. Thanks for looking.


From: "Geilfuss Charles" <Charles.Geilfuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [OM] Re: Northamptonshire Churches M-Z update

> Graham,
> As always I'm in admiration of your skills and envious of the
> plethora of subject matter in your "neck of the woods".
> In particular I am intrigued by the tragic story inscribed on the
> headstone depicted in Welton_8. It is hard to believe that someone could
> "starve" in two days time; surely the unfortunate child sucumbed to
> in January. And I can't imagine someone today admitting their neglect in
> such a public way.
> Thanks for sharing.
> Charlie

> http://www.geebeephoto.com/Northamptonshire_Churches/M-Z/index.htm

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