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Subject: [OM] Re: (OM) Re: Tripods
From: "Dean Tyler" <dtyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:14:12 -0400
I try to use a tripod as often as I can.  If I can't use one, I try to use a
monopod.  My monopod has legs which screw into the base or near the head to
convert it to a tripod (Giottos P-Pod).  There is some camera equipment I
like right out of the box and some you have get use to get before you enjoy
using it.  Tripods and monopods fall into the latter category for me.  I
couldn't image not using a tripod at dawn or dust.  Also, I often prefer
carrying my camera on a tripod/monopod vs. a neck strap.  The only time I
don't use a support is when casually shooting with family in bright sun.
Supports do slow down the shooting process, but I find this often improves
my composition.  I tend to think more about what is in and out of the frame.
When reviewing chromes I usually regret not using a support and rarely curse
myself for bring one along!  One strong vote for monopods.  I had to force
myself to be comfortable with a monopod, but now that I have I really like
it.  It adds 1-3 stops shooting range and weight to dampen vibration.  Also,
it is good for changing lenses, pole vaulting fences and deflecting angry
swans :^)!


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