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[OM] Re: Portrait photography (outdoors natural light)

Subject: [OM] Re: Portrait photography (outdoors natural light)
From: "Albert" <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 15:11:36 +0800 (CST)
> Nothing. Just INSPIRATION!

She's really cute, one of my favorite students..  She no longer my
student, but we still keep in touch..

I'll go ahead and comment on Film + Scanning.  For about $1.25, my
developer will scan the film as the develop it.  It's a 2.29MP scan (she
told me they just got a new machine, so I should be able to get 6MP scans
from them either this week or next..)

Fuji Reala, is almost grain free...  I actually go ahead and NeatImage
them anyways, and it's staggering..  A few Canon 300D owners asked what
digital camera I'm shooting to produce such clean looking images...  :-) 
They freak when they find out the camera and the lens is about as old as
they are...  So I can't wait to get 6MP scans..

I saw a 6x9 scanned producing something like a 400Meg file.. I was

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