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[OM] Re: OM-1 mercury cells / adapter / recalibration

Subject: [OM] Re: OM-1 mercury cells / adapter / recalibration
From: Andrew McPhee <macca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 23:41:37 +1000
>On 20 Apr 2005, at 14:31, Simon Worby wrote:
> > 9. "'Conversions' done by some other shops [...] often include nothing
> > more than centring the needle with the eccentric at a mid BV. (JH)" Is
> > it best, therefore, to buy a diode from Maplin and do it oneself? It
> > doesn't seem very difficult...

And Thomas replied:
>I use the adaptors -- got a batch from John H. Works fine -- but then
>again, my OM1's are all used for b/w which does have a little more
>tolerance than, say, K25.

The four MR-9 adapters (split among three of us) ordered from Australia 
arrived last week. They seem to work fine. May I pass on my thanks to John 
H. at Camtech for the fast service!

Thomas again:
>That said, next time the cameras go to a CLA, they go to either Clint
>or John H (depending on whichever is closest when I hit US soil for
>long enough). And I'll ask that a conversion be made. While adaptors
>work, it's just one more failure-point (it's just not DIR to fix a
>problem through equipment, when you can remove the problem *grin*)

My OM-1 will be winging its way on Tuesday to John H. for a CLA and battery 
conversion.  It'll be nice to be able to use up that bunch of 357/303's I 
got via Bill Barber, now all my SLR's will use the same battery!

Thomas again:
>I wonder if John/Clint could convert my 35RD in the same fashion too?
>Hmm....I can't see why not, except if there's no space in the body.

I'll stick with using the MR-9 adapter in my rangefinders. A conversion 
would be nice but the cost to get them all done would probably buy me 
another OM-4...

Andrew McPhee

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