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[OM] Re: [ON TOPIC] Is the Olympus list already dying?

Subject: [OM] Re: [ON TOPIC] Is the Olympus list already dying?
From: AG Schnozz <agschnozz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:19:41 -0700 (PDT)
Well, I tried slugging the E1 posts with CWMNBN-BUTRAG, but
nobody bit.  Oh, well.

> Where "ON TOPIC" I myself understand:
> -OM/Zuiko+OM/Zuiko compatible (not digital) equipment
> discussions...

Why would the OLYMPUS E-1 and OLYMPUS E-300 which are not only
made by OLYMPUS but are compatible with Zuiko lenses not be "on

Just think, you have pro/part-time pro photographers actually
using 30 year old Zuiko lenses in professional applications. 
Not only that, but you have real in-use examples and data
regarding these lenses.  Much of this information may be applied
to the analog realm too.  For example, who would have guessed
that my Zuiko 200/4 has horrid color fringing at 5 meters, but
is fine at closer and further distances.  No wonder I
consistantly had to toss those pictures.  Now I know.

Except for some B&W, I pretty much have stopped using the OM
bodies professionally.  If it wasn't for the emperical data
presented ON THIS VERY LIST by other members who proceeded me, I
would have totally bailed to another brand. Any remaining OM
equipment not sold off (the On-Topic FS) would have been
relegated to a dusty shelf in the basement.

It's not a matter of "IF" you'll go digital and park the OM
bodies, but "WHEN".  Many proceeded me, others will follow.

If the list doesn't adopt the newer technologies it will become
a "collector's only" list.  I'll be gone in an Iowa minute.


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