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[OM] Re: Holy cow Batman, now waaaaay off topic. Be warned!

Subject: [OM] Re: Holy cow Batman, now waaaaay off topic. Be warned!
From: NSURIT@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:31:26 EDT
What follows from Andrew was intended to be sent offline, however it made  it 
to the list instead.  For that reason I am responding to the post on  list, 
which is not necessarily where this conversation should be taking  place.  My 
response to Andrew, whom I have known for a number of  years, with whom I have 
conducted commerce and with whom I have shared time  capturing images is 
intended only to be a response to his ideas, which are  rather different from 
 There is no OM/e-1 content.  Please stop  reading if you are offended by off 
topic posts.  BB
>From Andrew.
Sorry Bill, but in a market system you owe nobody ANYTHING unless it's in  a
contract. And even then, you may decide the penalty clauses are  worth
suffering if you want to get out of something.

Olympus should do  precisely what they think will get them the maximum
profit. If that meant  discontinuing DSLRs next week and concentrating on
P&S, so be it. Even if  a few people would feel sore. You know this is true.

Market capitalism is  the final freedom. From man, from nature, from God.

Take care,
Andrew  (Sent offline as (a) it's politics (b) I had set vacation mode for a 
days  just after receiving this.)
BB's response
Andrew, there are many truths in life.  Mine are different from yours,  as 
yours are for me.  This could be said of everyone, as no two of us  absolutely 
share the same truths about everything.
Each of us becomes disappointed with each other, our institutions,  political 
systems and organizations within our society.
My view of the world is perhaps more optimistic than some. This is a  
function of my core beliefs, one of which is that "life is good."  The  brush 
which I paint the Universe is a rather broad one that has been dipped  in a 
bucket containing a belief in the inherent good of mankind.
We all differ.  My post was intended to express my bewilderment with a  
particular corporate decision, not an entire structure of commerce, politics or 
view of human beings in general.
We each have a choice about the glasses through which we looked at the  
world.  I am pleased with my decision as it brings me joy and has me have a  
grateful heart.  The choice exists for each of us, each moment . .  .    [8^)  
Bill Barber

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