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[OM] Re: Holy cow Batman, did you see what that fours thirds adapter sol

Subject: [OM] Re: Holy cow Batman, did you see what that fours thirds adapter sold...
From: Andrew Gullen <andrew.gullen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 06:56:35 -0400
on 2005/04/19 9:42 AM, NSURIT@xxxxxxx at NSURIT@xxxxxxx wrote:

> It would seem to me that  Olympus
> could provide a little more customer service to those who had "brought  them
> to the dance."  Those of us who use their previous professional camera  gear
> (Olympus OM) and have migrated to the e-1 digital are the ones I feel they
> should most strongly support.

> ... however it would
> seem to me that Olympus should make it available at a more  reasonable price
> to support their current customers as the only people who would  have a need
> for the adapter are those of us who are both previous and  current customers.

Sorry Bill, but in a market system you owe nobody ANYTHING unless it's in a
contract. And even then, you may decide the penalty clauses are worth
suffering if you want to get out of something.

Olympus should do precisely what they think will get them the maximum
profit. If that meant discontinuing DSLRs next week and concentrating on
P&S, so be it. Even if a few people would feel sore. You know this is true.

Market capitalism is the final freedom. From man, from nature, from God.

Take care,

(Sent offline as (a) it's politics (b) I had set vacation mode for a few
days just after receiving this.)

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