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Subject: [OM] !! OT equipment
From: "GeeBee" <geebee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 18:51:53 +0100
Updating church gallery shots. I was fascinated by markings on the stonework
in this church.

n. pl. se·di·lia (-dly, -dl-)
One of a set of seats, usually three, provided in some Roman Catholic and
Anglican churches for the use of the presiding clergy, traditionally placed
on the epistle side of the choir near the altar, and in Gothic-style
churches often built into the wall.

All shots M6 : 35mm S*mmicron : Kodak T400CN

Yelvertoft is a small village in Northamptonshire 9 miles from Naseby and
the church is a 14th century building

I love village churches so the interior was the usual delight

This angled shot shows the position of the sedilia to the right of the altar

To the left of the altar is the tomb of a local dignitary

To the right of the altar is the aforementioned sedilia which sports some
very strange wear and tear

The church was used by Cromwells Troops as an armoury before the pivotal
battle with the troops of Charles I at Naseby in 1645. The worn stonework
resulted from Cromwells' troops using the stonework for sharpening weapons


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