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[OM] 100/2.8 Silvernose, macro & dinner

Subject: [OM] 100/2.8 Silvernose, macro & dinner
From: Earl Dunbar <edunbar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:43:50 -0400
Bill Barber has gently yet firmly pushed us to "get out there" and get 
the silver or pixels boiling, your choice.  So out I went this morning, 
first substantial outing of the season.  In the bag was OM-1n, 21/2, 
28/2.8, 50/1.4 & 100/2.8 (AG).  The 100 was courtesy of Bill, who had an 
extra with a depressed filter ring (maybe some Zoloft will help?) which 
he kindly donated, and will be given to my daughter at some point after 
I fiddle with the filter ring (Zoloft or gentle persuasion, whichever 
works) and "test" it before donating it to a budding photographer.  
Along a bike path near ponds and the Lake Ontario State Parkway, I spied 
some beautiful green on the woodsy floor, and stopped to investigate.  
What do you know.... chives!  A whole little sea of them, many of their 
stems all curly and sensuous, begging  some close-in/macro treatment.  I 
had closeup filters, but wanted to use the silvernose 100, so that 
wasn't feasible.  But I did have a couple of adapters which would 
provide some extension.  One is a Pentax screwmount to OM, the other OM 
to Pentax screwmount.  Put 'em together, and voila!  K64 is in the 
camera, so will have to wait until the film gets shipped off and 
returned to/from Kansas.  Also need a better tripod for low work, so 
will revisit Schnozz's homage to Cullman and start visting those camera 
stores with actual choice of gear. 

(Oh, and the XA was loaded up with Portra NC, so a couple of shots of 
the mini chive field may produce additional pleasures.

Dinner?  Well, some of the chives offered themselves up for tonight.  
We'll have chicken marinated in Dinosaur BBQ sauce accompanied by 
grilled new potatoes and asparagus, tossed with olive oil and the 
chives, sprinkled with some sea salt from Bretagne  (sel gris), a salad 
brought by the neighbour accompanied by a cheap yet very capable Spanish 
red that I know from experience, when paired with the Dino BBQ sauce 
reaches heights well beyond its humble origins and price. 

Life is good.  Thanks to Bill for the Zuiko 100, AG for reminding us of 
its virtues, and to the Yellow Father for Kodachrome.  And to Maitani.


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