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[OM] Re: re What's a Fang?

Subject: [OM] Re: re What's a Fang?
From: David Carter <spotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 19:30:44 +1200
Could it be something derived from an item one would give ones eye teeth to 
Or perhaps 
explains it better. Fangs are I believe associated with canines or so my cat 
tells me ...

Which leads me to wondering how much of an incredible buy does something have 
to qualify as a fang? Does it have to have a dollar value, or perhaps rarity 
that only you noticed? And can this also qualify as "stealing" under qualified 
circumstances, ie non-auction ?

Whom recently fanged at an auction house. Paying $70 for a Zone enlarger 
retailing for over US$1500

Chuck Norcutt wrote:
> The lurking Jay asked:
> On another subject; excuse the ignorance, what is a FANG?  I gather an
> incredible buy, is it an acronym or is it named after someone (Phyllis
> Diller's husband)?
> --------------------------
> Well, I don't think anyone here has ever seen her so we don't know if 
> Doris Fang looks anything like Phyllis Diller or, heaver forbid, her 
> poor husband Fang.
> Doris Fang was a member of the list from somewhere in Florida (I don't 
> recall exactly where) who used to prowl all the garage sales early in 
> the morning.  She would frequently report finding the most incredible 
> deals and cause us all to be instantly envious.  She was the proof that 
> the early bird got the Zuiko.
> In any event it didn't take too long for Doris's  (did I get that right, 
> Piers?) great deals to be termed Fangs.  Now, by extension to the other 
> members of the list a great deal on a piece of gear is also termed a Fang.
> I'm sure many who are reading this are wondering (as I am) what ever 
> happened to Doris.  She had been a fairly frequent contributor who 
> simply disappeared without saying goodbye.  I hope she's still well.
> Chuck Norcutt
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