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[OM] Re: On speaking terms again

Subject: [OM] Re: On speaking terms again
From: hiwayman@xxxxxxx (Walt Wayman)
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 17:59:47 +0000
Glad the goodie has arrived.  I'm sure you're relieved.  And so, too, is Joel, 
I'm sure.

I also got a goodie package today, and just in time, as we're leaving early 
tomorrow for another adventure: the extension tubes for the Mamiya RB67.  Think 
BIG 1:1 macro.

And we've got trilliums (or should it be "trillia"?) growing around the two 
clumps of hemlocks in the yard.  Alas, ours are all white.  I'd like to see a 
red'un sometime.

Be back next week, just after the TOPE 22 shooting period comes to an end.  I 
still don't have a shot, so it's getting down to put up or shut up time.

Oh, and Piers is hereby absolved of any and all blame for the apostrophe abuse.

"Anything more than 500 yards from 
the car just isn't photogenic." -- 
Edward Weston

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From: AG Schnozz <agschnozz@xxxxxxxxx>
> Ok, Joel. I'll talk with you again.
> IT'S HERE!!!!!
> Tomorrow I get to try the adaptor out on some Red Trillium that
> have popped up downstate.
> AG-not so grouchy-Schnozz
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