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[OM] Re: Lanscape's via PC stitching, was: Zuiko 18mm and 21mm

Subject: [OM] Re: Lanscape's via PC stitching, was: Zuiko 18mm and 21mm
From: "Piers Hemy" <piers@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 13:33:26 +0100
I think what you say is correct, Chuck, but needs a small elaboration.

Stitching two images from the same viewpoint using a shift lens should
provide a seamless join.  If not using a shift lens, you could indeed get
the same result in the way you describe, but the seamless joint would
require the rotation to be precisely around the optical centre of the lens
in use.  The centre can be found empirically with little problem, but
repeatability of the process in the field is not something I would want to
have to do.

PS, Walt, if you are still here, I disown the apostrophe in the Subject

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If you're doing a landscape, however, I would think that this level of
sophistication could be dispensed with.  In other words, creating a good
panorama should be possible with no special effort other than rotating a
leveled camera.

Since the image circle of the 24mm shift is about equal to an 18mm lens,
after shifting and combining images you should have a panorama with a 100
degree angle of view.  You could achieve the same angular coverage result
with two exposures from a 35mm lens overlapped about 1/3 of their coverage.


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