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[OM] Re: Only for the brave of heart . . .

Subject: [OM] Re: Only for the brave of heart . . .
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 21:27:46 -0700
NSURIT@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Yes, I know many on the list already use similar set ups for doing close up  
>work, however there are those who might not think to try this.  For those  who 
>don't or haven't, give this a try.  I'll leave it to the many on this  list 
>who are smarter than I am to explain the physics.  This is the order  in which 
>everything was attached.  e-1 body (but could have been an OM), 4  thirds 
>adapter, 2X-A teleconverter (but could have been your third party  converter), 
>25mm extension tube (or other length) and 90mm f2 Zuiko ( or your  third party 
>90mm macro). 
This is basically the way the Vivitar 2x Telemacro adapter works. It 
uses less extention, as it is designed to get to 1:1 with a 50mm lens, 
and the extention is variable to allow focus to infinity without taking 
a piece out. The Panagor 2x macro adapters is similar, but varies the 
distance of the exender unit from lens and body without changing the 
length. They work on the 90/2, but don't go down to 1:1, propbably about 

Your set-up is a nice solution to the problem of the 2x-a not fitting on 
the 90/2, which is a frustration to me. The Tamron SP 90/2.5 with 
matching 2x becomes a 180/5 that focuses direct from infinity to 1:1.

>Next time,  I may put a Raynox or other high quality close up lens on the 
>front of the 90mm
I'd be very interested to know how well the Raynox works.

> What other combinations have folks used that fall outside the  normal?
Sorry, I'm pretty dull that way. If not carrying specific macro gear, I 
usually have the Viv 2x TMacro in the bag. Simple, effective and no more 
trouble than an extention tube.


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