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[OM] travel photography ... some thoughts

Subject: [OM] travel photography ... some thoughts
From: "Reuben Acciano" <rubydoomsday@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 10:36:53 -0500
Hey,  Reuben here.

Just thought I'd make some of you sick with jealousy - I just scored my dream 
job writing for 
Lonely Planet next year. Wherever I go, I will be accompanied by my trusty 
OM4ti kit and here's 
why ..

I'd actually been angling for work as a photog with them, but their Image 
Library requires an 
initial stock submission of 500 images, with no more than 50 per country. When 
I found out 
that I was going to be writing for them next year, I immediately inquired as to 
the possibility of 
submitting digital images from the road via laptop - I had been considering 
going digital or 
medium format for some time now, due to various frustrations with 35mm. 

But for travel stock, it seems, 35mm is IT. LP's image library - and I'm 
assuming many others 
like it, too - DO NOT accept digital submissions or provide dig files for use. 
When purchasing 
an image from a contributor they immediately make hundreds of dupes, so that 
purchasing/renting clients can scan an actual physical transparency to their 
own standards for 
publication, thereby eliminating much potential for customer disatisfaction. 
Images are 
previewable in digi form on their site, but only real, FILM images are 
supplied. I would imagine 
this is standard practice for many stock libraries, regardless of genre. 

After much humming, hawing and wondering if I wanted to lug a medium format kit 
around the 
world, I kicked myself and realized I've already got the best travel kit 
around: 4Ti, Zuiko 24, 50, 
85 lenses + macro and tele converters and a handful of filters. Ultrapod, cable 
release and 
TONS of Provia 100 and/or Kodak E100SW (plus some Scala for fun and some Provia 
400 for 
emergencies) and I'm gonna spend 2003 wrangling myself a new career ... the 4ti 
is so light, 
so strong, so reliable (and like an extension of my arm these days) and the 
whole damn lot fits 
in the bottom of a Tatonka photo trekker with room for an F280, T20, Winder 2. 
I keep an XA in 
the backpack at all times, and a 35 SP rangefinder  handy for mono -Cartier 
Bresson fun. Don't 
snigger - the lens on that baby is a screamer, and the spot meter is damn 
useful on the 30 
year old rangey ...

I can't wait. The only hassle now is deciding whether or not to upgrade to a 
smaller, lighter 
ibook to sort and preview all the images I'll be getting back on Photo CDs 
(with the original 
trannies express-posted back home of course) - or to stick with the much 
bigger, heavier 
Wallstreet II G3 Powerbook (which has neither USB nor Firewire) on which I now 

Any constant travellers (business or pleasure) who lug laptops around? What are 
thoughts? (Sorry about the OT, but my Mac fervour is surpassed only by my OM 
addiction - hey, 
my background's publishing and music, could it have gone another way?)

Reuben Acciano
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