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[OM] Image viewing problem in IE (on iMac)

Subject: [OM] Image viewing problem in IE (on iMac)
From: Joe Gwinn <joegwinn@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:53:08 -0500
At 12:22 PM +0000 10/28/02, olympus-digest wrote:
>Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 22:01:04 +0000
>From: Benson Russell <snapper@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [OM] Image viewing problem in IE
>This is a bit OT, but I'm not sure where else to ask.
>I've been enjoying list members' shots, both in TOPE and the Summer Exchange 
>makes some of the drier discussions seem more justified BUT, something
>has altered the way the computer deals with images in Internet Explorer.
>I tend to select 'open image in new window' and some images open in the new
>window (Mickey T's lovely baby shots - congrtulations!), as always. Others
>automatically download and open up in Photoshop! This is new behaviour. Why?
>I have an iMacDVD 500, system 9.0.4, using Internet Explorer 5.0, P/shot
>Elements 1.0.
>Any advice on why, or where else to ask much appreciated.

A little more information is needed.  The Mac decides what application to 
launch using the hidden 4-character creator code attached to each file.  On 
download, the three-character (or four-character) filename extension (such as 
the jpg in <name>.jpg) is used to set the creator code (and file type codes).  
My guess is that the different behaviour is caused by differences in the 
filename extensions leading to different choice of application to handle the 
file.  The mapping between filename extensions and creator codes is kept in a 
system file.  (I'm not at the iMac right now, and don't recall where the file 

So, what are the various filename extensions you are seeing?

The documentation that comes with the iMac is a little skimpy on the techie 
details, such as the business about creator codes et al.  A good reference is:

"Mac OS X -- The Missing Manual", David Pogue, O"Reilly 2002.

"Mac OS 9 -- The Missing Manual", David Pogue, O"Reilly 2000.

If a file came by email, the MIME code overrides the filename extension, as 
directed by yet another system file.

These system files can easily be edited by the user; this is how one causes the 
correct application to launch.

Joe Gwinn 

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