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[OM] Fabulous New Pen F/FT book released

Subject: [OM] Fabulous New Pen F/FT book released
From: "om@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <om@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 21:32:49 -0400
Well, John Foster has done it again.  I just got my 174p "Olympus Pen SLR
Half-Frame System Cameras" book from John today, and all I can say is that
there isn't a better resource for this camera line anywhere.  It's printed
in full color with lots of tables and photos.

The net?  If you are an Olympus collector or interested in the Pen F/FT
series of cameras, you MUST get this book.  Contact John at
www.biofos.cjb.net and order it.  Run, don't walk.

A few tidbits:

The Pen FB
Details on the Pen F Motor
All 7 of the lens adapters
Production figures for all lenses and bodies
Exploded diagrams of most lenses
All the lens hoods pictured
Detailed pix of the 400 and 800 mm lenses.

And lots more.


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