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Re: [OM] XA Filters (Was More Mt. Rainier Photos)

Subject: Re: [OM] XA Filters (Was More Mt. Rainier Photos)
From: Charles Sdunek <csdunek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 17:24:44 -0700
You would have a very hard time fitting a filter on an XA....with other small lens cameras I have actually taped filters over the lens. This of course wont work well on the XA as the clamshell gets in the way. I would suggest getting a ND filter for one of the drop in filter systems. Then cut a section of it to fit over the lens between the halves of the clamshell opening.

Just a thought...make sure you find it in the bargain junk box at a camera show. hehehehe.

Oh, another thought.... (I dont own an XA so I can't recall....arent they aperature priority? Where do they take their light reading? You would have to make sure you also put some of the same filter material over that window as well....or compensate for it with your ASA setting.


At 11:18 PM 10/23/02, you wrote:
Jim wrote:

>How do you fit a filter onto an XA...?

I was using my OM-2S for the most part. XA was along for the ride, and didn't take a bad pic (by my expectations).


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