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Re: [OM] KPP aka Qualex aka Kodalux "Perfect Touch"/E6

Subject: Re: [OM] KPP aka Qualex aka Kodalux "Perfect Touch"/E6
From: "Wayne Culberson" <waynecul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 15:36:28 -0300
From: Mike Veglia
> It is getting more difficult to use film already, especially E6. On my
> recent trip to shoot the Audi Club National event in Virginia I was unable
> to find any lab nearby where I was staying that did E6 at all. Even my lab
> here at home who claim to do "2 hour E6" call it a "rush" now when I want
> same day, and dropped all weekend E6 runs.
> Mike Veglia

Does anyone here process E6 at home? I've been reading a little about it,
and it sounds as if it is easier and cheaper to get into than a darkroom for

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