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[OM] Small tip - (de)attach by friction

Subject: [OM] Small tip - (de)attach by friction
From: vonstahl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:49:48 +0100
When I had in mind to deattach the film-winding handle from my OM-4 I was
told that the cap onto the handle had to be unscrewed by the use of friction. 

A very cheap and working solution to this problem is by using one of the
circular pieces of thin rubber which is used to repair holes in the inner
tubing of bicycle-wheels. These pieces of rubber are thin and have very high
friction if put between the very well cleaned cap and some object with a
plane surface. 

As such an object I used an empty aluminium tube made for headache-pills
which had a plane surface on the bottom of the tube. By using this setup I
managed at no cost to very easy deattach and attach this cap without having
to buy any special tools intended for this.

Boris von Stahl
Stockholm, Sweden

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