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Re: [OM] Aria: The OM5?

Subject: Re: [OM] Aria: The OM5?
From: Denton Taylor <denton@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 06:24:32 -0400
>>It is very generous of you to share your new camera experience with us.
And brave. >>

Actually several folk had asked me specifically to do this, so I wasn't too

>>It was very difficult to resist a response (and I suppose I failed)
that Olympus has already done the rebadging of a cheap outsourced camera.
It is doubtful that an OM 3000 is really what people had in mind when they
"designed" their OM5/6. >>

The point I was making, and I see I have failed <g>, was that the OM2000 is
not a serious enough camera to interest most Oly users. I thought OTOH that
a rebadged Aria might be, especially if some features, like multi-spot
metering, were added.

>>Unlike your Contax his camera does not allow for not rewinding into the
cassette, nor has he figured out how to override the dx encoding even
though he likes to shoot Velvia at 40 instead of 50. Does your Contax
enable you to do that?>>

Yes, all Contaxes have easily over-rideable DX.

>>What kind of focussing screen does it come with? A 2-13 Oly equivalent?

The screens are interchangeable. I'm not sure yet if they are between
camera models. I would say that the screens are brighter than a 1-13 but
not on the level of a 2-13 or a Beattie. Beattie lists a screen for the
RTSIII but not for other models.

>>You did not mention any glass. Hope you are going to test it with one of
those Zeiss lenses with the superlative reputations.>>

I'm going to use it over the next few days with the Zeiss 35-70 3.4. This
is the first zoom I have used that I feel is of sufficient quality to use
it regularly. It is superb. No doubt the Zuiko 35-80 is also, but alas, I
never owned one. Of course, I have several other lenses as well...


Denton Taylor
Photogallery at www.dentontaylor.com

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