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[OM] How to test "new" OM-4T

Subject: [OM] How to test "new" OM-4T
From: Barbara Snead <sneadb@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 16:52:30 -0400
Hello Olympians,

I've been lurking for a few weeks, thoroughly enjoying the collected
expertise and cameraderie of this group. At some other time I'll post a
proper introduction, but for now I'm in need of some ideas on how to
test the used OM-4T which I just bought from a dealer by mail order. It
arrived a few days ago, of course without a manual, and pretty much as
by the dealer over the phone. Although I immediately requested a manual
from Olympus headquarters (thanks to finding the 800 number on this
list!), it won't be in my hands before my trial period expires. Since I
already have an OM-1 (with
inoperable meter), I'm familiar with the basic layout, but there are
several features which I've never encountered:

I assume that you choose the automatic mode by moving the lever on top
to "auto", but do you need to do anything to the shutter settings? Does
the camera set the shutter to the proper setting, regardless of where
the shutter dial happens to be? Is there a way to turn off the camera,
other than to set it to "manual"? How does the multi-spot metering work?
When it's in automatic mode, how do you tell the camera which spot meter
reading to choose?  How do you use the highlight and shadow meters? 

I'd appreciate any other hints you experienced OM-4T owners could


Barbara Snead

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