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Re: [OM] 35-105 zoom question

Subject: Re: [OM] 35-105 zoom question
From: "Shawn Wright" <swright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 08:49:06 -0800
On 28 Jul 98 at 1:53, claudeb wrote:

> I'm really curios now who makes this lens.  At the local camera store
> there is an Olympus name brand one for $150 ( which  I will be happy to
> buy for anyone here that wants it), and then there is a Tokina 35-105 in
> an Olympus mount which is identical but half the price and in better
> shape to boot!  If it's the same lens then I think I'll save money by
> buying the Tokina version.  I'll take a look and see by comparing them
> if they are really the same, (the tokina is 3.5/4.3, while the Olympus
> is 3.5/4.5).
The differences is apertures seems to be within the range of "error" often seen 
in measured values vs. rated values in lens tests, so it is quite possible they 
are the same lens. Of course, a close inspection of each would reveal much 

For those who have the Zuiko 35-105: does this lens bear the white "date code" 
lettering on the lens mount area like other Zuikos? I know the presence or 
absence of these letters proves nothing, but it would be interesting to know...

Shawn Wright
Computer Systems Manager
Shawnigan Lake School

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