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Re: [OM] Possible "For Sale" items (but need help with pricing)

Subject: Re: [OM] Possible "For Sale" items (but need help with pricing)
From: PCACala@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 20:58:33 EDT
Hi Garth:

Hum, you run the risk of hearing lower than Zuiko lens list price ranges by
doing this.  But here goes.

I've been watching the market VERY closely on the following:

<< * Olympus Zuiko 50mm F/3.5 macro lens, in excellent shape.  Front and rear
elements appear to be perfect.  No fungus, no nicks, scratches or visible wear
(other than on the lens mount, and it's slight), and comes with a 49mm Hoya
Sky 1B filter and the original hard case.  Goes to 1:2.  Paul Farrar's Oly
lenses FAQ suggests a range between $150 - $275 U.S. >>

This is presently a slow mover with the US dealers that I'm monitoring (since
I want to buy one).  I saw a 10 condition one go for $103.50 in May.  There is
presently a 9 condition one for $96.00, a Exc. condition one for $135, then
many to be found in the range of $139 to $259.  Ones priced at $199 and up
appear to be glued to dealer shelves.  One on a Bellows OLY didn't make
reserve on eBay and had a high bid price of around $180.  Sorry for the bad

* Olympus Zuiko 200mm F/4.0 telephoto.  An older style (with the silvered
edges on the built-in lens hood, rather than black), but takes good photos
nevertheless.  This is in good condition, with slight wear on the mount, good
glass front and back (the front element has a pinpoint imperfection on it,
about two millimetres out from the edge and in the "ten o'clock" position when
viewed through the viewfinder, which appears to have no effect on the pictures
it takes -- two of the photos in the Oly Gallery under my listing were taken
with this lens, and I can detect no trace of effect from this imperfection in
the original photos, even with a jeweller's loupe).  Paul Farrar's Oly lenses
FAQ suggest a range between $115 - $245 U.S.

I've watched three of these sell over the last two months for $135 (9+ and
singlecoated) to $175 (9+ and multicoated).  This sounds to me like around
$130 or less.  It's a pretty common item at $135 to $295.

You sure that Vivitar isn't a 75 to 205 f/3.8 (which is worth <$100)?

Anything on your wish list for trade?

Gary Reese
Las Vegas, NV

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