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Re: [OM] War of the worlds

Subject: Re: [OM] War of the worlds
From: EdMall@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 20:03:32 EDT
In a message dated 98-07-20 09:25:08 EDT, you write:

 Recently Doris reported of a Close Encounter with an Orange Blob,
 presumed to be an UFO. I thought she was just putting us all on or had
 been envolved in re-examining the true meaning of Sheep Dip. But no
 dear Zuiks, now I have written proof, printed black on white that
 indeed we are *not* alone! Yes, there it is, on page 116 of the OM-4Ti
 Black manual, describing the 1-12 focusing screen (cross hairs/clear
 field). Quote:
 "The transparent screen offers the photographer focusing with an
 unusually bright finder image. To focus, first correct your diopter
 using a dioptric correction lens or Varimagni Finder so that each line
 of the double cross hairs can be seen clearly and separately. Then
 bring the Spacemen into focus."
 Yes, I've read it once, I've read it twice. But it actually says:
 Spacemen, and not specimen. So there it is. Olympus knows. We are not
 alone. But H.G. Wells was wrong - the invaders from Mars will *not* be
 attacked by microbes that will eventually kill them, they *are*
 microbes that will attack us! The only defence we have is to make these
 little orange devils visible, using the right equipment, like the Zuiko
 20 mm macro attached to the bellows, with the 1-12 focusing screen
 mounted. The survivors will be able to find each other in the smoking
 ruins by using their Warrior Yell: "Zuiko! Zuiko!".
 BTW, am I the only one with this misprint in the manual? Is it a
 collectors item? >>

It's there!!!!   It's really there!!!

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