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Re: [OM] +1 diopter eyepiece

Subject: Re: [OM] +1 diopter eyepiece
From: Chris Barker <cbarker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 07:09:09 +0100
>Does anyone have a spare +1 diopter that I could try out to see if it is
>what I need with OM1 & 2?  It is a small round piece of plastic (2cm
>diameter) that fits inside a OM eyecup 1.
George L

I recommend that you have your eyes tested by an optician before trying the
corrective lens in the eyecup.  I had problems for over a year (poor focus,
infinity in a "different place") until at my annual medical this year, the
doctor sent me for an eye test.  I bought my first spectacles from an
optician who made me a corrective lens to fit in the eyecup.  The result is


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