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Re: [OM] Agfa B/W paper ?

Subject: Re: [OM] Agfa B/W paper ?
From: "Stuart Goggin" <SGOGGIN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Jul 98 11:13:07 +1000
Cc: sgoggin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: [OM] Agfa B/W paper ?
From: "Shawn Wright" <swright@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Jul 98 06:44:07
I can't remember if I posted this already... 
Does anyone know how Agfa B/W Variable contrast paper 
compares with Ilford and Kodak? Specifically, which filter values 
should I be using: Ilford or Kodak? I'm using a Saunders LPL 670 
enlarger with built in filters, and it has channels 1 and 2, for Kodak 
and Ilford papers.
I couldn't find all the data to make a precise comparison on Agfa's 
or Ilford's web sites - both seem to use magenta/yellow filtering, but 
Kodak doesn't mention filter values on their site.
A few tests using Ilford values seem ok, but contrast seems to 
build much faster than with Multigrade IV. ie: grade 3.5 looks more 
like grade 4+
I just got some 11x14 packs at a good price, just wondering if 
anyone has used Agfa paper...

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