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Re: [OM] Re: [OM] HTML-ized FAQ now up (métissage)

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: [OM] HTML-ized FAQ now up (métissage)
From: lclark@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:14:01 -0400
In <001501bdb118$4fb16840$0d094ac1@msim2647>, on 07/16/98 at 02:46 PM,
   "marc simon" <marc.simon@xxxxxxx> said:

>>A little cross - pollination isn't bad, either. Listen to music, go see
>some good movies (forget asteroids!), 

Just to expand on this a bit: I found that paying *technical-style*
attention to well-filmed Brit series [Morse, Mapp and Lucia, etc.] can
yield up a fine sense of composition. Perhaps close attention also to
some of the how-we-did-it addenda to video disks might be useful, though
I haven't seen any of these, just read about them.

les clark 

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