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Re: [OM] List problem

Subject: Re: [OM] List problem
From: Chris Barker <cbarker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 19:45:18 +0100
>There was a problem with the list on Friday. It should now be back to normal,
>but mail from sometime Friday until this morning at ~ 8:45am did not go
>out. I
>suggest checking the digest archives to catch any missing mail, as I probably
>can't do anything until tomorrow, sorry.

Sorry to bother you Shawn.

Reminds me of flying in Canada using terrain-following radar (TFR) over
Labrador/Quebec, based at Goose Bay.  We have great plans which we follow,
the equipment in the aircraft (Tornado) works like a dream but the weather
is awful so we don't see any others in the formation (of 4 or 6 aircraft)
for the whole sortie.  Notwithstanding the professionalism of the crews,
someone always calls on the radio something like: "Goose, check" followed
by Goose 2, 3, 4" from the others in the formation.  He knew they were
there but he HAD to check!

Human nature I suppose.

Sorry about the noise if you were ever bothered.


"Mankind hopes vaguely, but dreads precisely." George F Will

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