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[OM] A dinosaur

Subject: [OM] A dinosaur
From: "Ulf Westerberg" <ulf.westerberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 15:33:06 +0200
Hi all

While waiting for my OM-1N to appearin the mail, I've been searching for
OM-related articles in old swedish photo-mags. Great travelling down
memory-lane! One I did find was an extensive test of all SLR's offered on
the swedish market at the time (1985).

About the the OM-1N, free translation:
"Can  you call the world's neatest pro-camera a dinosaur? Well, maybe, but
then only in one context: It represents a dying breed; the all-mechanical
camera. The OM-1 is a classic, it was a sensation when it was introduced in
the seventies with it's big, bright finder and diminitive outer sizing. This
is the ultimate camera for the user making all exposures himself using just
a needle in the finder and having loads of lenses and accessories to choose
from. The mechanical shutter doesn't deliver as uniform speeds as the modern
electronic wonders, but it's still well within all tolerances. The OM-1N is
like an english sportscar, not for everyone but indispensable for the

Remember this was 1985! If the author could see into the future of
eye-controlled focus, multi-matrix metering and all other "necesseties"... I
bet he didn't foresee that mechanical cameras were still to be made another
13 years either.

As for Nikon FM-2, the author thinks the OM-1 is more versatile (?), final
score is slightly higher for the OM-1 tham for the FM-2. Price for the FM-2
at this time (1985) was 4895 SEK (610 US$) , the OM-1N was 2590 SEK (325
US$). In other words, all other things being equal, the Olympus, had it
still been made today (as the FM-2 is) it would cost about half of the

Other OM's featured in this test were  OM-2Sp, OM-3, OM-4, OM-10, OM-20 and

Ulf Westerberg

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