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Subject: [OM] Flashes / FAQ
From: Greg Heier <gheier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 17:11:40 -0500
Another thing that would be useful is more specific information on
choosing flashes for use with OMs. I haven't done much flash stuff in
the past and hesitate to buy anything because I don't know what the
relative advantages and disadvantges are. 

It seems like the F280 would be the way to go for the OM-4T just because
of the ability to sync at any speed, but I wonder if there isn't some
other considerations I should take into account (there are certainly
cheaper and more commonly found flashes out there). 

As far as the other Oly flashes (T20, T32s, Auto 310, etc), what do you
get from using one of these flashes that you wouldn't get from using a
3rd party flash? 

Right now I have an OM-1 (no shoe), OM-2 (shoe 2), and OM-4T (shoe 4),
and a INOP Auto 310 flash (never is ready).

Any pointers to existing sources for this information (esp if its Oly
specific) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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