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[OM] FAQ email addresses HELP

Subject: [OM] FAQ email addresses HELP
From: "R. Lee Hawkins" <lhawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 16:33:52 -0400
Cc: lhawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all:
I'd like to keep the FAQ as accurate as possible.  If everyone could
look through the current version of the FAQ on my web page, and check
to see if your email addy is listed as a contributor.  If it is, please
check to make sure that I have the correct, current email address for
you.  Email any corrections to me at the address below.  Please check
all four FAQs (OM, XA, CamRep, and buying guide).  Once again, the top
URL for my FAQ pages is:


R. Lee Hawkins                           lhawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Department of Astronomy                 
Whitin Observatory      http://www.astro.wellesley.edu/lhawkins/lee.html
Wellesley College                        Ph. 781-283-2708
Wellesley, MA 02481                      FAX 781-283-3667
**************^^^^^** NOTE NEW ZIP CODE *******************

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