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Re: [OM] HTML-ized FAQ now up

Subject: Re: [OM] HTML-ized FAQ now up
From: "marc simon" <marc.simon@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 20:41:27 +0200
Hi Lee, and all...
Very Nice new version of "your FAQ" very easy and fast to consult.
All the "hot discussions" of last week and probably the quotation of
Christopher Biggs about the
>Fremen dew globe< (hope I didn't need it in Death Valley !) have reminds me
one of my favorite Frank Herbert thought.
As I'm one of "those clever people who are using English as a 2nd language"
(Chris Barker quotation ), or American for the matter and as it's today the
14th of July for the "revolutionary" Gary Schloss I'll quote it in French
(as a Belgian I cannot be suspected of "chauvinisme"). It's in the first
book of Dune, just after Duke Leto's death an excerpt of "Les Dits de
Muad'Dib" by Princess Irulan:
"Il devrait exister une science de la conrariété. Les gens ont besoin
d'épreuves difficiles et d'oppression pour développer leurs muscles
I hope somebody could quote it in the original version for all the
subtleties of language.
Probably OM is our "spice"..!

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