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Subject: : Re: [OM] Scotland
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 13:37:09 -0400
John Gruffydd (Mold, Wales, UK) wrote:
On Sat, 11 Jul 1998 14:44:03 -0400, Tomoko wrote:
>I am going to be one of 98 people touring Scotland in August.  Our main goal
>is to sing.  Since I am one of 35+ singers, my time is more limited than the
>others on this tour of Scotland for two weeks.
>>I am looking for useful inputs from the group regarding Scotland.  Any
>>tips applicable to photography in Scotland will be appreciated.
>>I plan to take both the OM-4T and the OM-2000.  The two lenses, a 85mm/2 and
>>a 35mm/2.8 shift, will be included, but the rest I have not decided.
>Be prepared for the most wonderful views in the UK (and that comes
>from a *Welshman* !). That applies particularly in the north west
>(Fort William, Iona, Skye). I do suggest you take a 24 or 21mm if you
>have, or can borrow, one together with a polariser.
I don't own either of those, but I have a 28mm/2.8 which has been 
underutilized.  Last night I skimmed through a book on
landscape photography by John Hedgecoe for examples of 24 or 21mm scenics.  I 
thought that he had more interesting shots
with a 28mm than 24 or 21mm (BTW, he has a lot of Oly examples).  I decided to 
stick with what I have and shall try to
shoot with more than one lens per given scenic subject to give a variety and 

Thanks, John, for your advice.

I finally got the hotel addresses and the final itinerary today.  If any of you 
are familiar with any of the listed
places, please either write to the list for all of us to treasure your wisdom 
for immediate or future use or write to me

Fort William (two nights): It looks like I may have time to do photography in 
the evening on the first day.  Our hotel
is centrally located and near railway station.

Isle of Iona: Afte the 1:00 p.m. concert at the Abbey, we have lunch and some 
time for sightseeing before heading back
to Fort William.

Isle of Skye: Travel from Fort William to the island and reach Inverness for 
the night.

Loch Ness, Culloden, Cawdor Castle, Elgin Cathedral, our performance at St. 
Andrew's Cathedral.  How is a boat ride on
Loch Ness like?  We are scheduled to take one. Back to Inverness for the night.

Travel to Edinburgh,  perhaps some free time with dinner on own and exploration 
of the city on the day of arrival

Morning orientation city tour + afternoon tour of the cathedral and rehearsal

Daily sightseeing trips scheduled are: Abbotsford, Borders; St. Andrew; Ayr; 
Loch Earn, St. Fillans; Linlithgow;

A full day in Glasgow, but return to Edinburgh for the night during the last 
two days.

A friend of mine on the same tour and I are interested in going to Loch Katrine 
on our own, and I am wondering which
sightseeing trip to skip and do our own thing.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Tomoko Yamamoto
Photographer, Composer, Soprano
Home Page: http://www.charm.net/~tomokoy/
Olympus Classifieds: http://ep.com/ep/csp.html?csp=1130

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